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Mon May 5 23:09:48 EEST 2003

Welcome to the baltix-knoppix mailing list!

Our goal on this mailing list is to develop Knoppix-style CDs 
in the native languages of the Nordic/Baltic region.

Standard Knoppix is developed by Klaus Knopper in Germany, 
and supports many of the world's major languages, currently 
including Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Russian,
and Spanish.  See


Klaus Knopper cannot and will not support all the world's languages 
on Standard Knoppix because of the limited space on a single CD.  
His efforts appear to be directed towards achieving the widest possible
popularity.  This is undoubtedly a wise move for a demonstration CD that
aims among other things to promote the popularity of Linux.

Our aim is more limited, and more selfish:  we wish to make
Knoppix-style CDs to please ourselves, although the population
in our countries typically is less than 10 million.

Initially, our effort has been directed towards reproducing the 
Standard Knoppix CD for users in the Nordic/Baltic region.  
In the future, we expect to deviate from Standard Knoppix
in ways that are yet to be determined---by signing up for
the mailing list, you will be taking part in this process.

Why combine the languages of the Nordic/Baltic countries
on a single CD ?  For three reasons:

1)  The people of the Nordic/Baltic countries are travellers,
    and there is much communication between them.  Having all 
    languages on a single CD allows travellers to share their CDs.
2)  The technical problems connected with language support
    are mostly language-independent, and therefore it is
    expedient to solve them all simultaneously.

3)  Standard Knoppix supports several different languages, and 
    therefore it is relatively unproblematic to exchange this set 
    of languages with the set of Nordic/Baltic languages, thereby
    preserving the integrity of Standard Knoppix.
In the future, the process of building your own CD is likely to
become easier and easier.  Even now, it is not too difficult,
but you may find it useful to learn from other's experiences.

We look forward to your participation on the baltix-knoppix 
mailing list.

Conrad Newton


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